Belarusian language was added to OGS

Dec 17, 2022

Now one of the most popular Go game server (OGS) supports Belarusian language!

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Some time ago (at the beginning of the coronavirus quarantine) I became interested in Go board game. I chose the OGS server ( for the game because it allowed me to play directly in a web browser and did not require the installation of additional clients. A few months later, I saw a message that anyone can help with the localization of the server interface into different languages. I checked that there was no support for Belarusian language yet, and I decided that it would be nice to add it.

Before that, I had never translated or localized websites or applications and this was my first experience. To work with translations, the OGS developers use Pootle, which provides a fairly convenient web interface for working with texts. I worked on the translation by myself and without any other’s help, and did it quite irregularly, so the whole work took a pretty long time, although the volume of the text was not very huge. But in the end, the translation was finished and after some testing on the beta server, it is available on the real OGS server! I hope that it will attract more Belarusian-speaking people to that wonderful game!

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