Books I've read. March '24

This winter was quite full of different new things in my life. I moved (again) to a new city, finally began systematically learning the Finnish language, and also spent some time getting acquainted with TypeScript, AWS CDK, and Powertools for AWS Lambda. Due to all this, there wasn’t much time for books. But still, a certain number of new books were on my reading list, so here is another post about the books I’ve read.

Blog migration

Books I've read / 4

Some thoughts on books I’ve read in previous months.

Closing the cycling season

🚴 🚴 🚴 My bicycle rides results 2023 🚴 🚴 🚴

Books I've read / 3

My new short review of books I’ve recently read.

A new pet

A short review of my new ergonomic vertical β€œgaming” computer mouse.

My most used (nearly) Android app

My experience with NewPipe - an alternative YouTube client for Android devices.

One step further from Telegram

My another attempt to be freer from closed platforms.

Books I've recently read / 2

My new review of books I’ve recently read.

Published Belarusian Go Dictionary

I have compiled and published a Belarusian dictionary of terms and concepts for the cool board strategy game - Go!