Blog migration

Dec 20, 2023

As you probably know in the summer of 2023 Google announced that they had to shut down Google Domains and sell related assets to Squarespace. The domain name of my blog was registered on Google Domains, so I’ve decided to move it somewhere because the plans of Squarespace were pretty unclear. So, I’ve begun to look for appropriate alternatives and after some investigation, I decided that Cloudflare could be the best option.

I had a few main reasons to choose Cloudflare:

  1. it supports .dev domains
  2. it provides the ability to host static websites (previously I used Firebase, but as I decided to move from Google, I had a plan to change also hosting)
  3. it is relatively cheap and provides a bunch of free features out of the box (like CDN, different security services, etc.)

Initially, I thought about using AWS Route 53 as a domain registrar and S3 bucket as a hosting. I use AWS pretty actively in my daily work and for my personal needs. So it might be something pretty well-known to me. But Route 53 doesn’t support .dev domains. And in the end, as I said I’ve decided to choose Cloudflare.

Hope I will be happy with the chosen option. Otherwise, you will see one more similar post from me :)

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