A new pet

Jun 3, 2023

A short review of my new ergonomic vertical “gaming” computer mouse.

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Some time ago I got a new device (or pet) - an ergonomic computer mouse Zelotes C-18. I have already managed to use it a little and in this post I would like to share my first impression.

I had not ever heard something about Zelotes devices before and I did not plan this purchase. So I cannot say that I wanted to buy exactly this particular mouse and that it is somehow better than some other available alternatives. I just noticed it in the store and thought that a vertical mouse might be less traumatic for my right wrist than the usual classic ones. I checked how comfortably it fits my palm, and decided that I would like to buy it. Especially because the price for it was only about €34 :)

The device is sold in a simple cardboard box and comes with:

  • the mouse itself with a USB cable
  • a small user manual in different languages including English
  • mini CD with drivers
  • a set of spare glides

Here are some photos:

Photo of the box

Photo of the manual and driver disk

And there are photos of the mouse itself:

Front and left side photo

Right side photo

This mouse is sold as a gaming device, so it has a corresponding design with “cool” inscriptions and of course with RGB lights. There is a button for changing the DPI and the corresponding indicator near the mouse wheel. It is possible to set up to 10k DPI. Also there are two additional customizable buttons and a stick under the thumb. The quality of the device is quite good - all parts are assembled reliably (at least for now it looks like that), the buttons are clicked well and the wheel works smoothly and pleasantly. The size and weight are comfortable for my palm. And this is one of the reasons why I decided to buy it.

The photo for the comparison with some ordinary office mouse:

Photo with regular office mouse

It’s hard for me to say something about it as about a gaming device because I don’t play video games on the computer. But it seems to me that the accuracy of clicks would be less in comparison with usual mice, because the vector of pressing the buttons is not directed vertically down, but diagonally. This can be important for fast-paced games like shooters, but probably you might get used to it with time. Also I’d like to note that the shape of the mouse is not symmetrical and it is specially made for the right hand, so it is not convenient to use the mouse with the left hand.

A small but expected drawback for me - the official drivers and software support only Windows not Linux. I think that can be solved using Piper or something like that. Although the only thing I would like to configure is to turn off RGB lights!

The photo of the mouse in my palm:

Photo of the mouse in the palm

Summing up, I can say that I am satisfied with my new device. I think that with such a ratio of quality and price, this is really a very good and profitable deal. I can’t recommend it to anyone who would like to own a vertical mouse, but only because the usability is very dependent on the size and shape of your palm and mouse. It may not be as comfortable for you as it is for me. Therefore, before buying, it is better first try to use the device for a while. In my case, it fits my hand very well and hopefully it will provide a more comfortable and suitable environment for my wrist.

Perhaps after some time of use my opinion about this mouse will change and I will write a new post with a lot of criticism. But for now, that’s all.

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